Are you at the point where you question your existence?

Are you searching for real meaning in your life?

Are you tired of having to deal with one problem after another with no long-term resolution?  
The answers may lie in your Akashic Records.  

The Akasha is a world filled with records of energy and vibration including the entire history of our Soul all the way back to its origination.  Every thought, every emotion and action is recorded in the Akasha.
Your response to a thought or an event determines subsequent events.

Your past, present and probable future life events exist in the Akashic Records.

The following information will be shared with you during our Soul Realignment session:-

~ Your original soul blueprint

~ Your soul origination, the star system where you first incarnated

~ Your current soul blueprint

~ Energetic blocks and restrictions created in a past or present life that may be affecting you.

~ An offering to clear negative karmic pattern in the Akashic Records.

~ An opportunity to transmute negative pattern by consciously making day-to-day choices that are aligned to who you truly are.


The answer to life mastery is self-realisation or often referred to as Enlightenment.

Awake NOW!

Take this opportunity to investigate the intricate lines that form your life today and begin to bend them to your will. 

We are so much more than a physical body.  We are powerful co-creators of our reality.

*Book a soul realignment session with me and let the results show you the TRUTH!


*The Universe has drawn you here so that I may assist you to re-align your choices to who you are at Soul-level.  If you have a strong hesitation or doubt, you are probably not quite ready to advance to a higher level of consciousness.


The practitioner is not responsible for effects clients have or allegedly have from the information provided.