Re-member who you are ... an expression of Consciousness

Soul signature

Know who you are at Soul level - your vibrational qualities. Knowing who you are helps you understand why you are here.

Begin to make choices which are aligned with who you are. Take action to manifest abundance in all aspects of your life with greater ease.

Soul blueprint

Soul signature + energetic blocks


Uncover blocks and restrictions in your Soul blueprint which are limiting your Divine self-expression.


Disruptions lead to dissonance. Understand that negative pattern could have originated in a past lifetime which will be revealed. Know that you have the power to shift any pattern that no longer serves once you bring it to light.

Soul realignment

Soul blueprint + clearing work in the Akasha


Recognise the persistent patterns that have brought you into the same repeated experiences.  Consciousness carries responsibility and power.  Put knowledge into action.  


Know that your patterns are not dependent on others. Change begins with you...

Property clearing

Locating and clearing any property that you "energetically own” in the Akashic Records.

Everything is energy, including property, land and space.  If you feel uncomfortable in your home, property clearing helps to remove any negative energies around your living environment .  It also helps to ensure a smooth process if you are considering selling your property.


The practitioner is not responsible for effects clients have or allegedly have from the information presented.